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Unicorn Wands

Unicorn - Wand Intertwined with Indigo Blue Aura Quartz.


Moon Dream Mystical Realm Healing Wands

Unicorn -  Wand Intertwined with  Indigo Blue Aura Quartz.

Indigo Blue Aura Quartz is connected to the Third Eye chakra, Enhances healing & magical communication.

All Unicorns are light & love, they activate your third eye. They are all knowing, all seeing creatures, making those in their energy fields feel healed  & energized, they give out the energies of pure high vibration healing.  They came from an ascended star called Lakuma. Unicorn healing energy has come to teach us all on Earth, the gift of unconditional love for ourselves & those around us. Directed through heir powerful horn energy, with Rays of Wisdom, Purity, Clarity &  Goodness of Heart.

Connected to the Element of Air & the Third eye & Crown chakra

Unicorn symbolizes Hope, Enlightenment, Healing, Magic, Miracles, Wisdom, Inspiration, Purity, Unconditional love, Truth,  Harmony, Innocence &  Clarity.

My Mystical Realm Wands are Intertwined with Aura Quartz, As It has an amazing ability to expand the consciousness, heal the physical & spiritual body with its extraordinary pure & high healing vibration 



Moon Dream

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Moon Dream Positive Message

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One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.