Moon Dream Unicorn, Necklace, Bracelet or Keyring


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I totally adore Unicorns, Their beautiful magical energy radiates Love, Joy & Happiness xxx which inspired me to create my Moon Dreamy Unicorn range.

Please choose from Rainbow Unicorn Necklace, Bracelet or Keyring.

All Unicorns vibration is light & love -They are all knowing, all seeing amazing creatures, making those in their energy fields feel healed & energized. they teach us the gift of unconditional love for ourselves & those around us. Directed through their powerful horn energy, with rays of Wisdom, Purity & goodness of Heart.

Please pm me if you would love to treat yourself or loved ones to your own bespoke magical Unicorn Jewellery,  in any colour your beautiful soul desires, all handmade with Love & sprinkle of Cumbrian magic xxx

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Rainbow Unicorn Keyring, Rainbow Unicorn Necklace, Rainbow Unicorn Bracelet


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