Welcome to my world`s of Moon Dream & Celestria

Wishing you warm welcome, I`m Emma-Louise, founder & creator of all things magical, sparkly & mystical in my world`s
of Moon Dream. and Celestria.

I am beyond excited to share with you all my debut 1st Childrens book, called The Guardians of Celestria. I have written my book from a space and time travelers perspective, a young girl named Zelenia Amaris, who is from the star system the Stellar Gateway.

Who arrives unexpectedly through a magical portal, into a mystical new land, they are greeted by the amazing inhabitants, including our magical tribe of Dragon Guardians.

Which is where their fantastic journey of discovery and adventure begins. Zelenia invites you to join them on this epic quest, to experience through their eyes and heart, all the wonderful fun facts, spiritual wisdom, development, plus empowering knowledge this incredible place of wonder has to offer.

The portal to Celestria book launch is now open.

With Sales available now from Pegasus Publishers.


Sending you blissful moonbeam and stardust blessings

Emma-Louise xxxxx

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Believe in yourself, trust & sprinkles of Moon Dream dust!

I absolutely adore creating, please contact me if you would like to invest in yourself with your very own bespoke Moon Dream Jewellery 🌟

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