Welcome to my world of Moon Dream & Celestria

Wishing you warm welcome, I`m Emma-Louise, founder & creator of all things magical, mystical & sparkly in my world`s of Moon Dream & Celestria.

I am an Intuitive Oracle Jewellery Designer and Author, all my creations are lovingly handmade, written  & infused with my natural ability to channel universal energy. which changes organically depending on the magical item I am working on.  Once ready then I bathe all my creations in beloved Cumbrian Moonlight, ready for the beautiful wearer, owner.   

I absolutely love using a kaleidoscope of rainbow colours in my work. I adore a visual sparkling feast of crystals & gemstones for the eyes, I truly I`m the Willy Wonka of Jewellery & Magical Gifts!

I absolutely love to channel spiritual energy x  Spiritual joyful goosebumps are the best! It could be Angel, Faery, Mermaid, Elemental, Lemurian, Cosmic, Atlantean, Wise one, Ancient Egyptian, Goddess, Mother Gaia & Nature Spirit to name a few that comes through my work.

My Intention of Joy & Harmony resonates with each piece I create, I believe each one sends out a beautiful vibrational call to the beloved soul its connected to, upon re-uniting with your energy & meditating, you can help awaken personal power, soul purpose, memories & destiny.

I wish for your Jewellery and books to bring you Happiness & Joy.

Sending you blissful moonbeam blessings

Emma-Louise xxx

MoonDream pic1

Believe in yourself, trust & sprinkles of Moon Dream dust!

I absolutely adore creating, please contact me if you would like to invest in yourself with your very own bespoke Moon Dream Jewellery 🌟

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