All my Jewellery is handmade with Love, infused with my naturally abilitity to channel magical universal energy, which changes depending on the piece I`m working on, It could be Angel, Faery, Mermaid, Elemental, Starseed, Cosmic, Atlantean, Wise one, Ancient Eygptian, Goddess, Mother Gaia, Nature Spirit, then bathed in pure Cumbrian moonlight ready for the beautiful wearer.

My Intention of Joy & Harmony resonates with each piece I create, I believe each one sends out a beautiful vibrational call to the beloved soul its connected to, upon re-uniting with your energy & meditating, you can help awaken personal power, soul purpose, memories & destiny.

I wish for your Jewellery to bring you Happiness & Abundance.

Sending you bright moonbeam blessings.

Emma-Louise xxx

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